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Thursday, 22 March 2007

More cats funny videos

Another funny video with cats, because you asked for it!

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barbie girl fake video clip - funny as hell

they're even drunk or VERY bored, but funny as hell!


Fitness spoof video

Drew Barrymore and SNL female cast make fun of 80's fitness videos, very funny!

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The many faces of George bush, very funny video

I swear I saw Kerry's face in one of the transformations! very funny vid

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bald britney spears funny video

Oh Britney Baby, How Were We Supposed to Know... That Something Wasn't Right?!!

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Fitness time!

Yep, he needed some gym classes after all...

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women tries to park in a realy small parking spot very funny

Oh my God!! What is this lady trying to invent? The space is too damn small!! I know they sold you a compact car but.....

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