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Tuesday, 6 March 2007

American Idol Pussycat Dolls audition?

A lot of people decided to use a Pussy Cat Dolls song to audition for American Idol, very funny video, put in you myspace account and ask your friends to sing for you! Funny as hell.

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fun of simon cowell featuring paula abdul

Amrican Idol judges and production make fun of Simon Cowell when a travestite gives him a "love" funny, sexy letter, read out loud by Paula Abdul.

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Madonna auditioning for American Idol?

Ok, this guy really thinks he is Madonna...although he is A GUY. Funny gay stuff (gay people dont get offended please), you must really watch this video!

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Red - American Idol worst audition ever.

This guy (called Red, wonder why)is known to be the worst american idol auditioner ever. His voice is plainly ugly, the judges laugh in his face, but he goes on singing!! I guess Queen wasnt a good choice uh? Of course he thinks he is pretty good...

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worst American Idol Auditions

Ok this is a very funny video containing the 5 worst American Idol auditions, these guys dont just have the owrst voices ever, they also have killer moves!!

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American Idol funny audition

Ok, this guy is kind of freaky, but he starts singing and he is not THAT bad....until the chorus! Funniest american idol audition ever

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myspace funny video

ok, someone made a veeeery funny video of how it is to be in myspace. Believe it or not, this is what some people think / do!!! The Myspace funny movie, very cool!

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funny iphone commercial

Conan O'brian makes an excellent and extreme ly funny iphone commercial. It's much more than just a phone! Check out some of its additional functions.

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Funny Animal commercials

From the TV program : "best ads of the world", a sequence about animals in commercials, very funny commercials.

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Animal funny video - sexy video?

This one's cute! heh i mean funny well the funiest of all (for me) was the cow humping his owner! ^_^ hehe and the cutest was the turtles humping! ^_^ lolx u goota see this one!

Ok, this animals just want to hump anything they see! This could be a free sexy funny video....if you are a 4 legged mammal :P

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Funny video of cat and dog

A cat and a dog fighting for food....Or maybe its a Pepsi subliminal ad! Very funny video

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Cat funny video - Watch free online

Animal funny video - Extremely funny cat videoclip, download it for free or post it at your myspace! Funny dog videos coming soon!

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