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Sunday, 11 March 2007

Funny Accidents video

Well, just that....and some never seen sport skills


Funny Tv Bloopers

Funny live tv blunders from around the world


James Blunt You are beautiful video Parody

The fabulous Nicole Parker as James Blunt in a MADtv parody of the "You're Beautiful" Music Video, from #1115.

Very very funny video and lyrics, you must watch this.


Another Spiderman movie

MTV 's Spiderman parody featuring Jack Black, Sarah Michelle Gellar and.....yoda again?

Extreme fun comedy!


Another (fake) trailer

Yessss, Matrix 4 is coming up to theaters....or is it Robocop 6? Yoda's solo movie...? Anyway, very cool and funny video, take a look!


Spiderman 3 Trailer

No, not really, but a crappy Japanese TV series featuring Spiderman and some japanese weird guys....as always. OH, I get it!!! This is why the film will open first in Japan!!

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I can dance!

More funny blooper vids with people dancing and ordinary life situations. This is comedy!


we can dance, we can dance!

Funny Bloopers and accidents with people dancing or at weddings. Hey, some of these accidents look like wrestling competitions, take some classes people!! Extremely funny video.